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Donald Cant Watts Corke was entrusted with the roles of Project Management, Superintendency, Programme Management, and Cost Management for this innovative vertical school. The project was divided into two stages. Construction began in 2020 with a completion date of April 2022.

Stage 2 focused on the construction of a new Combined Speciality Learning and Sports Centre Building, spanning three storeys. One unique feature of this building is that the majority of the specialist accommodation is situated directly above a double-volume sports court area, and an expansive undercover landscaped outdoor terrace graces the upper level. While the materials used in Stage 2 were consistent with those employed in Stage 1, the building design had to be adapted to accommodate the constraints of the site. The project site is bordered by the Queensland Rail railway corridor, two commercial tower buildings, and services/utilities easements on all sides.

The project's progression involves a design and tender stage, employing a Design and Construct delivery approach. One significant challenge has been managing the associated risks, particularly in terms of coordinating with Queensland Rail to ensure that critical works align with pre-programmed railway shutdown dates. Effective negotiations with Queensland Rail have played a pivotal role in addressing this issue and minimising potential disruptions.


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