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University of Queensland (UQ)


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trategic Asset Planning and Sustainability

The outcomes achieved by integrating these services are better aligning UQ’s asset portfolio with its strategic plan and a better understanding of its service delivery requirements from the perspective of its client base.

Our recommendations have led to a redesign of the maintenance delivery model leading to a more financially sustainable approach over the long-term.

In parallel, equipped with our asset intelligence the Property and Facilities Division were able to demonstrate the widening gap between a standard maintenance budget and a growing asset base, leading to degradation. Accordingly, the Chancellery granted an additional $11M in annual maintenance funding to improve the quality of the assets over their lifecycle and improve the campus experience for its stakeholders.

The solutions we developed encompassed a holistic understanding of UQ’s business drivers and strategic imperatives. Our integrated services included:

  1. An empirically based performance review, including sustainability performance, of the building asset portfolio totalling $3.2B in Asset Replacement Value (ARV);
  2. A SAMP outlining a 10-year approach to evolving UQ’s asset portfolio in a financially viable way that utilises significant opportunities for adaptive reuse. The SAMP has been commended and approved by the University Senate. The SAMP provides a blueprint for UQ to align its asset portfolio with its 2018-21 Strategic Plan and service delivery requirements.
  1. Review of UQ’s maintenance delivery against a best practice specification, PAS 55. We developed an improvement plan including zoned maintenance delivery with asset management, space management and financial systems; and
  1. Business optimisation planning by assessing the current P&F organisational performance against best practice standards, client expectations and future service delivery requirements. Our recommendations will ensure P&F’s workforce, structure, capability, systems and business operations are optimised and in alignment with the scale and complexity of its asset portfolio.


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