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Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service









Projections outlined in the DDHHS Heath Service Plan 2013 - 2023 (the Plan) indicate that service delivery within the DDHHS will need to change and/or grow to meet the ever changing needs of the population.

We implemented a strategic review of the HHS Clinical Service Plans providing a comprehensive review of assets, and development of asset management plans that aligned to corporate strategic objectives and considered projected future clinical demand. We did this by overlaying assumptions about how DDHHS would operate in the future. We leveraged our extensive clinical experience to strategically review the asset requirements for future clinical service delivery following the comprehensive implementation of a new Hub and Spoke Model, emerging Models of Care, workforce availability and digitalisation.


The asset management forecast costings highlighted the extent of maintenance funds required for some buildings over a long period, and how in certain circumstances this cost could be offset against new capital development.  This helped to build the case for new capital investment leading to one funded project in 2017 and planning for another major capital project (currently underway).


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