Peter Gill

Managing Director, Infrastructure 


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Peter is based in our Melbourne office and works nationally.

To contact Peter, call 03 8662 1111 or send us a message below.

Peter is an infrastructure expert, with over 35 years’ experience providing cost and contract management services on major projects in both Australia and South Africa. He has an accomplished track record and well-rounded skill set with particular expertise in risk management and programme-level risk quantification.

With a Master of Science in Engineering, Surveying and Space Geodesy, Peter has routinely applied his expert knowledge on critical infrastructure projects in a long list of different sectors including aviation, mining, marine, rail, roads, water and sewers.

Specific skills
  • Risk management

  • Programme-level risk quantification  

  • Independent auditing of infrastructure projects

Peter’s Featured Projects


Southern Sydney Freight Line

ARTC constructed the SSFL to separate passenger and freight rail services; reducing freight transit times, increasing freight capacity and encouraging a shift in freight from trucks to rail. This project overcame the existing bottleneck in the rail freight network in southern Sydney, where freight trains share existing rail lines with the Sydney metropolitan passenger services.

Metro Tunnel Project | Tunnels and Stations PPP

Construction has commenced on Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel. The project will create capacity on the network to enable more than half a million additional passengers per week across Melbourne’s train network.

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