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Roads Australian Industry Luncheon with Paul Younis

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Managing Director, Infrastructure

The Donald Cant Watts Corke Infrastructure team sponsored the Road Australia Industry Luncheon in Melbourne last Friday. Inviting valued guests alongside the team, the event brought together key voices around Infrastructure and Transports systems in the state.

Guest speaker Paul Younis, Department of Transport Secretary, gave an update on Victoria's transport task, and how it's evolving to meet the needs of Australia’s fastest-growing state and economy. It was a great reflection on how the state’s transport bodies came together to face the repercussions that came from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The discussion continued through the critical decisions that were made in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and the favourable outcome these decisions had on the recovery of public transport demand and keeping Victoria’s ‘Big Build’ on track.

Paul shared valuable insight into what the Victorian Government has lined up in their pipeline, along with the key focuses their organisation would be working towards in the industry; diversity, inclusion, community needs and local business support.

Peter Gill, DCWC Managing Director of Infrastructure, delivered the Vote of Thanks, where Victorian Bushfire Appeal was announced to receive the thank you donation.

For over 50 years DCWC have been committed to developing strong relationships and working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve successful complex developments that make a difference within the communities we operate. DCWC is confident that these discussions can be continued towards achieving innovative and community focused infrastructure and transport systems.

Thank you to Roads Australia for hosting such a great event and thank you to all the guests!

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