Calvary Ryde Retirement Community

CLIENT: Little Company of Mary Health Care


COMPLETION: Current - 2018


Donald Cant Watts Corke is providing project management and quantity surveying services for  this new residential aged care and independent living community's buildings.

Donald Cant Watts Corke is providing project management and quantity surveying services for a new residential aged care building for Little Company of Mary Health Care (Calvary).

Works include demolition of three existing buildings and construction of a new four level building, with basement car parking within an operational, heritage-listed environment.

The development will accommodate 116 residential aged care bedrooms with 21 independent living units; and ancillary services including a café, lounges and a hairdressing salon.

The project aims to accommodate residents with widely-ranging levels of independence, and provide support as residents age in one place, including dementia-specific care.

The broad project objectives are to:

  • replace the existing residential care (RCF) facility with minimal operational disruption;
  • design a building that can be adaptable for either RCF or serviced apartments/ILUs;
  • design a structure that has capacity for additional levels in the future (STCA);
  • increase the site’s density, including parking, without relinquishing the attributes of the site or diminishing the historical and garden elements of the site;
  • more effectively use community space.

Broadly, the project comprises:

  • staged demolition of three single-storey residential care facilities (RCFs);
  • construction of a new four-storey building comprising 116 residential care rooms and 21 Independent Living Units (ILUs); 
  • staged private road works;
  • refurbishment of community centre building including partial demolition;
  • associated public domain works;
  • associated public infrastructure works;
  • landscaping.

DA approval was granted in July 2017, and construction works will commence in September 2018. Completion of our work will be in late 2018; however it is anticipated the project in its entirety will be completed in early 2020.Calvary Ryde Retirement Community.png

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