Donald Cant Watts Corke has been appointed as Project Managers on Melbourne Airport’s Third Runway (...

Donald Cant Watts Corke has been appointed as Project Managers on Melbourne Airport’s Third Runway (M3R) project. The M3R project is progressing with formal procedure and submissio.....

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Managing Director, Infrastructure

DCWC is extremely pleased to announce several significant promotions in our national team as of July 1st. Congratulations to all on your new appointments!

Paolo Moretti | Director, Project Management 

Paolo MPaolo joined the business two and a half years ago, and in that time has taken control of and grown the Project Management team through strong leadership, the introduction of robust systems and processes, and smart recruitment.

On commencement, Paolo took the reins of the Inner City North Vertical School and turned the project into an award-winning success. His management style, technical understanding, and excellent negotiation skills have won over his clients and earned our PM’s repeat business in the Education sector. Paolo’s BD skills and authenticity have led to the broadening of our sector base in the PM business with numerous Retail projects and “Build to Rent” opportunities.

Dean Bradbury | Associate, Project Management 

Dean BDean has applied himself diligently since he joined the business in Sept 2019. He has shown strong leadership skills and has a meticulous approach to problem solving. Dean has taken control of key Clients in both the Education and Retail sectors providing value for money outcomes.

Dean is a member of, and an excellent contributor to our weekly BD team meetings with an expanding range of Clients and connections in the market.

Belinda Nash | Director, Project Management 

Belinda_NashBelinda has been with us for almost nine years. She has not only built up strong technical knowledge over her many years in the industry; she has also established a reputation as a trusted client advisor and project director with the ability to provide sound and timely advice for our clients time and time again.

Belinda has played a big part in developing the team culture within our Victorian project management team and in particular in championing the development of health and wellbeing initiatives, promotion of women in construction, and looking at diversity within our business.
She has played a major role in winning new work over the past few years and will be a welcome addition to our Melbourne Directors.

Jason Armstrong | Director, Project Management 

Jason-ArmstrongJason has been with DCWC for almost ten years and has over 25 years of architectural and project management experience. He is a passionate and detailed Project Director with extensive experience managing multi-stakeholder, complex projects in live environments across a number of sectors including Education, Commercial, Retail, Sport and Recreation, Residential/Student Accommodation, and industrial.

Jason’s experience within the AFL combined with his systematic detailed approach has been instrumental in developing our team training and professional development initiatives within the Melbourne Business. His promotion to Director will supercharge his work to date in promoting and developing our company.

Stuart Cowley | Director, Quantity Surveying 

Stuart-CowleyStuart has been with DCWC for over two years and has over 13 years of highly regarded experience in the industry.

As a highly motivated team member with an extensive quantity surveying skillset, Stuart is positivity personified. His strong problem solving skills and strategic capabilities leads excellent communication and presentation to clients and stakeholders; ensuring project objectives are met.

Stuart has sound commercial acumen and a successful business development mindset and follows the footsteps where only ten Directors have walked in a proud 55-year history.

Atish Jogia | Associate Director, Quantity Surveying 

Atish JogiaAtish has been with DCWC for over three years.  Atish complements excellent technical skills with an incredible work ethic, “client satisfaction and project success is my success”!

This growing reputation is built on providing sound reliable advice on time for several competing, highly demanding clients in complex sectors such as health and research.

Atish has also led the charge with the set-up of ‘DCWC Asia Pacific’ in Fiji. The creation of an overseas trading platform allows us to be in a better position to serve our Fijian clients and those in the wider Pacific region.

Desmond Sii | Associate, Quantity Surveying 

DesmondDes has been with DCWC for over four years. In that time his smile has not diminished once and continues to illuminate the team.  

Des’s reputation for hard work coupled with accurate timely advice internally and externally with clients has been second to none.

Des has cultivated relationships with several key stakeholders, particularly in health, and is proudly carrying the ‘Stephen McCoullough knowledge baton’ onwards to a bright future.

Callum Jenkins |Senior Project Manager, Project Management  

CallumCallum is a highly skilled project manager with a wealth of experience having worked in both Australia and in the UK on large, complex Education, Refurbishment, Commercial / Retail, and Healthcare projects.

Callum has an established track record in delivering complex projects to a high quality within time and budget restraints. He is hands-on with ensuring design and delivery is implemented thoroughly including delivery of the project design, pre & post contract negotiation, and contract administration.

Nicholas Holmes | Senior Quantity Surveyor, Infrastructure  

Nic HolmesNicholas’ proactiveness and personable nature coupled with his strong technical base knowledge for quantity surveying have enabled him to contribute immensely to the DCWC Infrastructure Team on numerous major infrastructure projects.

His diverse skillset and top-notch work attitude allow him to take on any challenges with ease and with confidence. We believe Nicholas to be one of the budding leaders within the DCWC Infrastructure Team and look forward to his progression up the leadership ranks.

Spencer Dunbabin | Senior Project Manager, Project Management  

Spence D Spencer has extensive experience working in the construction industry, both in Melbourne and Canada. In Canada, he worked for a Tier 1 General Contractor on complex projects including the 200M Toronto Subway Station and the $150M City of Toronto Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Since joining us Spence has managed a diverse range of projects, in particular in aviation and sporting precinct sectors, where he has established a reputation with our clients for his strong project management, adept stakeholder management skills, and strong contract management of projects in live environments.

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